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House17 is happy to announce collaboration with The Grund Club, an artistic association of singer-songwriters active in Luxembourg. The club founded in 2015 gathers singer / songwriters around an original concept. It’s main objective is to source, exchange, document, interpret, and maintain a Song Catalogue of original songs written by professional musicians, music artists and singer-songwriters mostly residing in Luxembourg.

The main residency of the Grund Clubis at the Rockhal/Rocklab. But to have a larger interaction with the public a new partnership has been set up. This is how House17 opened its doors to the general public in order to give a second residency to the Grund Club in Luxembourg City. In its strive to support Luxembourg culture, House 17 hosts every third Saturday of a month (except summer holiday) one of the artists of the Grund Club in a special semi-acoustic environment.

The Grund Club

This organisation was born out Lata Gouveia’s belief that whilst Luxembourg has developed plenty of infrastructure to support musical performances and musical education in recent years, Luxembourg is still missing a “grassroots musical movement” like other world musical centers have had. The question of “content vs container” is an often-debated and widely acknowledged subject amongst all involved in the music sector in Luxembourg, thus presenting a vital question on the future of the Arts in the Grand Duchy. Given the specificity of the country, this lack of a “grassroot content” and of its connection with a loyal audience cannot only be resolved by building more music schools or other infrastructures.

With these ideas in mind, The Grund Club has developed a specific methodology that brings professional musicians and music artists together in a completely new way. We believe that by giving priority to the quality and the life span of THE SONG, rather than to the skills and career aspirations of the individual, we can find and develop a deeper community spirit amongst our musicians and our community at large. There are other institutions dedicated to nurturing and educating our musicians, providing technical and career guidance, and even supporting certain costs of exporting Luxembourgish musical production.

The Grund Club is doing something different. We are focused on the “artistic capital” of Luxembourg, the substance that musical identity is made of. And this is a long-term project.

The Activities

The Grund Club actively sources songs from Luxembourg songwriters to build an original Song Catalogue. The songs retained in the catalogue is regularly performed live by performing artists other than the original songwriter. The performances are backed up by a regular backing band composed of well known Luxembourg based musicians.

To identify new singing talents and new songwriters open mic sessions are organised on a regular basis. This allows to grow the base of singer / songwriters contributing to the concepts.

Today some 80 singer / songwriters have contributed either by their songs or their performances to the Grund Club concept. Some of those performances are available on CD.

The main residency is at the Rockhal/Rocklab where on a quarterly basis live performances are organised to share with the public the work and performances of Grund Club artists. With Rocklab the Grund Club has started to produce audio-video content highlighting the Song Book concept of the Grund Club. This content is available on the Rocklab YouTube channel.

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Mon/Sat : 10h00 - 23h00
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