A look back at 2021

Dear friends, we would like to remind you of the most remarkable moments of 2021, when we chose only the best for you: best speakers, best music, best art.


Carefully “hand picked” speakers, who are also one of the best experts in their domain, talked about different technologies (new language technologies, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence), providing you with in-depth information and enabling open discussions.

Whereas Emilia Tatar shared insights into new standardisation for AI at the European Commission (currently under development), of which she is an advisor, Pascal Bouvier assisted our members with better understanding of crypto currencies and blockchain, depicting it as a higher level of abstraction. Sviatlana Höhn talked about how computers are reading our minds and Tomer Libal gave some glimpse into the future of compliance, assisted by new digital tools.


In Autumn and Spring we invited for you to Luxembourg the best young string chamber orchestras of Europe. In a special atmosphere of almost private concerts, they played timeless classics. Those of you who attended the events highly praised the skilfulness and talent of the young virtuous players. The Nordic String Quartet enchanted us with the pieces of Nordic composers, Maxwell Quartet – with Scottish energetic rhythms.

Art Exhibitions

Two exhibitions of Luxembourgish artists were remarkable and impressive . We all enjoyed the photo creations of Dany Elvinger where the artist performed not only the role of a photographer but also of an art director of the whole set, choosing carefully images for her models. The exhibition of the paintings of Christiane Bley-Seiwert offered everybody a possibility to enter the colourful and optimistic world filled with joy. Christiane uses different techniques for her works of art, providing a unique experience for the visitors.

New Year Party

Our New Year party was the absolute highlight of the season. Despite the restrictions, and the obligation to end it at 23.00, it was a great success. Nothing could upset the mood of our guests, who danced all the way through to the world hits (played by the famous DJ Bob Christy), enjoyed our delicious New Year menu and the festive atmosphere. We are sure that all of you who attended the party will not be able to forget it soon.

New Reciprocal clubs

We made for you additional reciprocal agreements. Our new partner clubs will be happy to welcome you at their premises straight away.

But it was much more than that. We also searched together for the “Secrets of House17” during the members networking event, tasted great vintage range shampagne of the house Hatt et Sönner, enjoyed thematic food evenings and music evenings filled with saxophone, piano or singing, and just met for a drink during our regular Sunset Hour House17.

Don’t miss our new events! The schedule of the evens is sent out every month as our Newsletter and could be found on our website under the tab “Events/Schedule”.


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