Nadine Cloos

EXHIBITION – « Les couleurs en dialogue – La recherche de la couleur est d’une grande importance. Son but n’est pas la représentation exacte de la réalité, mais sa transformation. » (N.C.)

Février 2018

All our members are welcome to attend the upcoming exhibition opening of local artist Nadine Cloos.. Her series of artworks
is entitled “Colors in dialogue“. At the vernissage of her temporary exhibition at House17, she will reveal the stories hidden
in her paintings. The artist will be open to all your questions and will accompany you to discover her works through the club. A
cocktail reception (fingerfoods & drinks) will enliven the evening at the restaurant on the ground floor. With the income from
sold paintings, the non-profit association Trauerwee will benefit from a donation handed over at the club end of February.


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