Discover the key drivers in a buy-to-let investment and how to optimise your net return.

13 June 2019

19 h 00 min

In a highly volatile financial market, private investors still consider residential real estate as a safe and steady investment class. The strong demand for real estate in Luxembourg fuels a continued increase in prices which results in a lower gross return over time. However residential real estate remains an attractive investment class as long as the investment is efficiently structured to leverage on all available drivers.

During the conference, Nexvia will explain the key drivers to make a profitable buy-to-let investment and give clear advice on what the key triggers should be to consider an investment. Pierre Clément, the CEO of Nexvia and an ex-investment analyst at PwC Corporate Finance, will use Nexvia’s advanced tool to calculate the Internal Rate of Return of a buy-to-let investment. He will demonstrate that buy-to-let investments can yield a net annual return of 10%. Pierre Clément will also be available to answer any question regarding residential real estate in Luxembourg (including tax-related questions).

19:00: Start of the conference
19:30: Cocktail and informal exchange with Pierre Clément

Free conference held in FRENCH


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