Fashion Breakfast with Irina Rusinovich

16 September 2019

0 h 00 min

Contemporary Art meets Fashion Photography

We call all fashionistas to join us for an exceptional fashion breakfast guested by Irina Rusinovic, editor in chief of the Art & Fashion Magazine and Purplehaze, agent, icon and art curator. Topic: The concept of Fashion Photography.

Price : 18€ /person

Topics for discussion

Concept of fashion photography ( definition )
First steps of fashion photography as contemporary art
Approaches towards creating photographic art
Reactions to the new medium
Debates over the role of fashion photography in art
Fashion Photography today

BIO Irina Rusinovich

Editor in Chief of the ART & Fashion Magazine, PURPLEHAZE, independent Curator, author of fashion themed articles. She has curated and organized a number of art exhibitions in Russia as well as in Europe. Manages emerging as well as established artists.


Contact Info

17 Rue du Nord, L-2229 Luxembourg
+352 20 10 17

Mon/Sat : 10h00 - 23h00
Sun : Closed