29 May 2019

18 h 30 min

Treat yourself to wellness with an intro to yoga & meditation class and healthy cooking workshop with an Egyptian accent!
We will begin with a 30-min gentle meditation & breathing class led by Jessica Janusz to quiet the mind, reduce any stresses from the day, and improve focus. No yoga mats are needed and you may come in whichever clothes you feel comfortable in.
Afterwards we will enjoy a healthy Egyptian cooking class with Fatma Hamouda where a mouth-watering meal will await you at the end. All the dishes will be vegetarian, gluten-, & sugar-free. The workshop will be interactive and dynamic so you can expect to get involved and learn about this culture’s traditional meals. This is literally Egyptian food in a modern way and its very creative menu for an Egyptian!
Together, we will be cooking 3 main dishes and 1 dessert accompanied by Hibiscus (Egyptian African Cold drink), tea with mint, and Arabic coffee.
Main course:
1. Fatma’s own eggplant recipe: roasted eggplant topped with Sumac, pomegranate, yogurt sauce, coriander and walnuts.
2. Cauliflower Shawerma
3. Maqlouba: “مقلوبه “ one pot wonders” consists of rice, vegetables and turned on its head. Literally translating to ‘upside down’, it is made of cauliflower, aubergine and potatoes, all of which are usually fried or grilled. Best part on this dish is when you flip it and wait to see if you have the cake shape or not!
4. Apricot pudding: vegetarian, gluten, sugar free but totally traditional. It’s called Qamr eldeen and its typically consumed during the holy month of Ramadan. قمرالدين


Limited spaces are available as to keep this event personal.
55€/per person
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