Food strategy for busy people – presentation & healthy food tasting

16 October 2019

19 h 00 min

Inspirational storytelling about a journey to success

– Solution to your daily diet
– Understand why well being doesn’t fit with wealth!
– Simple step to preventing any health issue
– Boost up your immune system with simple changes
– Help your employees to a better and more efficient work environment

With everything on our plates, making healthy decisions can be a struggle.

Successful people are often stressed and due to their business lunch and dinner habits, don’t really take care of their bodies. Learn an easy and practical way to protect yourself and your employees from aging too quickly, or to end up as another patient with cardiovascular disease.

Compensate with a whole food meal once a day to keep your fitness balanced, and your weight.

Act know. We will help you to find the appropriate solution

Price : 25€ (healthy fingerfood, wine and drinks)

Only upon reservation.


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