WellBeing Club: Act of kindness

20 May 2019

18 h 30 min / 20 h 30 min

“It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” Ralph W. Emerson

The Wellbeing Program is designed to support participants with practical exercises and theoretical knowledge to maintain or improve on the long term their mental wellbeing and more.
This is done through interactive, playful and experiential group sessions based on the science of Positive Psychology.
It has 10 sessions of 2 hours, each with a specific theme related and connected between them. For a maximum impact we strongly recommend to participate in most of the sessions (the best would be all 10 of them) and to practice between the sessions.
The frequency of the sessions is approximately each two weeks (the whole program extends over 6-7 months).

You can expect to:
– Learn and experience how to increase your level of life satisfaction with proven methods of Positive Psychology
– A playful and interactive environment;
– Personally connect with others here in Luxembourg;
– Forget about your daily routine and at the same time improve your daily life;
– Better understand yourself;
– Reconnect to your inner child.

Next series of sessions: 3rd of June (Setting goals and achieving them); 17th of June (Self-efficacy) , 1st of Jully (Enjoying small things in life), 15th of Jully (Forgiveness), 29th of Jully (Resilience & Coping strategiesand 5th of August )(Healthy life style)

Trainers: dr. Ágnes Rostás (lawyer linguist) & dr. Zsuzsa Várkonyi-Karsai (lawyer and mediator), happiness and wellbeing specialists trained by “The World is Better with You” Foundation, with a combined experience of two years in conducting Wellbeing Clubs

Expert supervision: Dana Moldoveanu Brandes, Coaching Psychologist MSc, MAPP, MBPsS, soft skills trainer, certified PCM, Founder of ProActive Luxembourg

Where: Library
Price: 200€ for 10 sessions; 75€ for 3 sessions and 25€ if you want to try once.


Contact Info

17 Rue du Nord, L-2229 Luxembourg
+352 20 10 17

Mon/Sat : 10h00 - 23h00
Sun : Closed