1880, Singapore

At 1880, members rock up to the club via The Kaleidoscope, an escalator that runs through a shimmery tunnel, panelled with green-toned glass leading to the 1.5 tonne of rose quartz reception desk clocking in at 25 million years. You will find an outdoor terrace, all-day-dining restaurant, bar, grooming and spa centre, mirrored studio and co-working space.

Each evening the banquettes of the daytime cafe revolve back to face the log bar, glass lanterns and a fully stocked alcohol shelf lower electrically from their daytime lairs, lighting dims, silk curtains embroidered with gold dragons against a bejeweled night sky are drawn for a secret cupboard to envelope the caged banquettes, a hostess places an antique music stand, circa 1880, at the now curtained entrance, the transformation into a night club bar is complete.

The 22,000sqft space is designed for a cosmopolitan crowd. This club is an expression of a salon for creators and explorers to meet, connect and relax in good company and exceptional comfort.