Liège, Cercle de Wallonie (BE)

Soak in the atmosphere of this historic castle, originally built for the powerful Prez family during the 9th century, with its breathtaking grounds.

The Castle was devastated by a great fire in 1966. Architects Henri Lacoste and Jean Opdenberg were put in charge of restoring and adapting it – by dint of major redevelopments – to modern requirements, while preserving its majestic character. They notably built the grandiose spiral staircase leading to the different floors.

Colonster Castle and its surroundings are a remarkable setting for prestigious meetings and receptions. Colonster Park’s current lay-out dates back to the first half of the 19 th century. At that time, owners transformed the park into a then fashionable English-style landscape garden. Besides the creation of free, easier lines, the Castle’s flora was expanded with the discovery and acclimatisation of exotic species, which account for the site’s dendrological interest.