Mesh Club, Johannesburg

Possibly the trendiest work and play space in Johannesburg at the moment, Mesh aims to create common ground for young aspiring creatives that are paving their way to success as well as the more established heads of business in Johannesburg. The design is a contemporary blend of luxury and industrial elements, drenched in a mixture of contemporary & masters art.

Incorporating office space, meeting rooms and hot-desk facilities, concierge services,a screening room, lounge, dining area, coffee station and bar, this is a members’ club that no one will want to leave – like, literally. There’s not much they haven’t included in this unique space. Be it lighting designed around your bodies circadian rhythms ensuring a different pace of activity through out the day.

Cool and current yet maintaining a high level of luxury, MESH Club sees young entrepreneurs and business tycoons mingle against a backdrop of inimitable design and art.