Rand Club, Johannesburg (South Africa)

At the beating heart of Johannesburg’s historic business district, stands Rand Club – a timeless South African icon. Founded in 1887 in the fledgling days of Johannesburg, Rand Club is the city’s most enduring social institution and finest heritage venue.

Whilst the magnificence of the Clubhouse draws the eye and stirs the spirit, it is the camaraderie within its walls that is the true hallmark of the club. Inside, you will encounter a diverse group of Members – creatives, entrepreneurs, professionals and eccentrics – each brimming with curiosity and uncommon perspectives.

Rand Club offers a quiet sanctuary in plush comfort, where Members escape the mayhem of city life to enjoy delicious meals cooked to order, put their feet up, read the day’s papers, surf the net, and have a drink and a chat with a friend.

As one explores the Clubhouse, one is left in little doubt that history is not merely on display. Johannesburg’s history has been made here.