We are moving forward

With the new season starting we will be happy to give you a warm welcome in your club – House17. We would like all our members to feel at House17 even more comfortable, more involved and more valued.

And today we are introducing new approaches to the way H17 is evolving. The club is getting more involved in the social and cultural environment of Luxembourg in order to play a more active role in the society. We would like to create more opportunities for all our members to connect, co-create, relax and enjoy everyday life, while making a difference in the club, in Luxembourg, and beyond.

We are happy to tell you more about new things to come.

New Events and Regular Networking

We shaped and rescheduled new events for you: discussions about new technologies, concerts, art, charity and sport events. Follow our newsletter and the schedule on the website not to miss anything.

Besides, to help our members meet and know each other better, we created new networking opportunities. Every last Thursday of the month, starting from September, we will organise interesting networking evenings, and are inviting you to join.

H17 Networking Online Space

All the members who would like to be better connected with the others will have an opportunity to join our online networking space. There you will see the list of other members (who gave their consent to be there), their professional background and interests. You will be able to communicate, start discussion topics and have interesting conversations. The club leaves it up to you to add yourself to the space (please note that you will not get an access immediately, as every submission will be checked by the club due to security reasons).

Join our online networking space here!

Expert Database 

To help our members promote themselves and get known for their expertise we are creating an internal database of experts in different fields. We would be glad to share your contact details (upon your consent) with the press. We will invite you as a speaker for different events (including regular press events) and we will keep you in mind while shaping future projects. If you have substantial experience and expertise in a certain area and feel like sharing it, please let us know.


All members who would like to be introduced to other members, be it an offline event, email or our newsletter, will have a possibility to do so. If you would like to be introduced in our newsletter to all our members, please drop us a line!

Advertising of the Members’ Events

All the events organised by you can be advertised in our newsletter under the title “Members’ events” upon your request.

We listen to your ideas

We have always had an open ear for all your concerns, comments and considerations. We encourage you to share with us your ideas and visions about how you would like to see our club in the future.

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Contact Info

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+352 20 10 17

Mon/Sat : 10h00 - 23h00
Sun : Closed